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How Myra Works?

Through the Myra influencer platform, brands and creators can now connect like never before. With an international mindset and a focus on simplicity, Myra members can apply to our partners briefs in seconds, and have campaigns signed off in as little as an hour.

For Members

From red carpet galas to film premieres; awards shows to airshows, we will work with you to ensure that we can facilitate the campaigns that you want in order to help you develop as a content creator. With an in-house influencer management team with a wealth of experience you are in good hands with us from start to finish with every campaign.

A Step By Step Guide.

Our small community of creators represent the best storytellers that the United Kingdom has to offer. We offer our members exclusive briefs, as well as access to exclusive openings and trips. Membership to Myra is free and as long as creators have a following of over 85,000, or, are verified on Instagram, they can apply here.

In order to serve our partners best, we limit the amount of creators on the platform. A reason may not be given as to why your application was rejected.

The Myra platform is home to dozens of exclusive creator briefs, spanning from press trips to paid campaigns. We’ve worked with some amazing brands and we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a campaign which works for you.

We encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and apply for campaigns which interest you and your audiences. So, if your fashion focused, why not consider a campaign with a travel brand? And on the contrary, if you see a paid fashion campaign, but it’s not really your thing, please leave that campaign for someone who is genuinely interested in working with that brand.

We want you to look at us like your personal concierge service – If you have a brand that you want to work with, let us leverage our network and community and help you create a long-lasting relationship and partnership with that brand.

Once you’ve found your ideal campaign, it’s time to bid!

We’ve taken our years of experience influencer running campaigns, and made sure to include all the important information on campaign briefs. On every brief, creators will find important information such a timelines, creative guidelines, do’s and don’t and much more depending on the specific campaign.

Paid campaigns follow a one-bid method, meaning that after a creator has submitted their fee, it is final and cannot be negotiated.

If an agent is acting on behalf of a creator, fee’s should be adjusted to include any agency fee’s.

Once you’ve been accepted onto a campaign, you will have the ability to speak to a brand manager before the campaign starts. We suggest that creators use the platform to ask any questions they have about the campaign, or to plot out any creative ideations.

Depending on the campaign you are working on, you may have to get your content pre-approved before uploading to your social media channels.

For paid campaigns and high-value giftings such as flights or press trips, you will be required to upload directly to the Myra app for approval from a partner brand manager.

For the majority of seeding campaigns, pre-approval is not needed and creators can upload directly to Instagram stories.

Exclusive Briefs

We work with suppliers on an exclusivity basis, so you won't see this campaigns on any other influencer platform.

Individual Campaigns

We'll do our best to connect you with the brands you want to work with.

On-Time Payments

We process payments manually for campaigns within 72 hours of campaign completion.

24/7 Support

You will always have access to a Myra member or brand manager to help with any queries.

For Partners

From verified micro-influencers to storytellers with millions of followers, Myra's vetted community of creators, simple engagement tools and one-bid system makes running influencer campaigns a breeze. We believe that agencies are dinosaurs, and that you shouldn't have to pay an entire team to run one campaign.

A Step by step guide.

Our initial consultation will run through any campaign ideas your brand has in mind, as well as looking at the campaign objectives you hope to achieve. We’ll show you around the platform, and take you through the various tribes that can be found on Myra. Using first-party industry insight, we’ll guide you on how best to run your campaign to achieve maximum ROI.

At this stage, our team will work with you to put together a full brief for our members. This will form the most important part of the campaign, as it will outline the architecture of the partnership to our creators.

Once complete, all of our members will receive a notification to let them know that your campaign is live on Myra.

Our casting lists aim to provide your brand with a wide and diverse range of talent, all suitable for any campaign. You’ll receive real-time updates of any members who would like to collaborate.

Introduce yourself directly to your chosen creators through the Myra platform and relay any additional information you would like them to know before the campaign starts.

For live experiences, and press trips, a Myra manager will be on-site to ensure all deliverables are met by members, as well as making sure on-site operations run smoothly. We’ll also use this opportunity to introduce you to the members working on your campaign.

This is your opportunity to make sure the content created for your campaign is brand suitable. Choose to accept the content or send back for a reshoot.

A review into campaign results, as well as recommendations for future campaigns.

One-Bid Pricing

Talent has one opportunity to submit a fee leading to more competitive pricing.

Content That You Approve

Control the narrative of stories and posts that are told about your brand. 

Exclusive Access

No more emails. Gain direct access to 200 of the United Kingdom's most impressive storytellers.

Paid Media

Let our team push your creators content out to millions with paid adverts.

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