Myra Members

Global Voices. Human Attitudes.

From award-winning musicians to Michelin-star chefs, Myra is a private community of culturally representative creators, social opinion leaders and influencers, who set the standard for content creation in the UK. Myra gives brands the freedom to choose storytellers from a diverse and representative casting list of vetted creators, who have expressed an interest in working with them.

Shaping Perception

Setting The Standard For Influencer Marketing Globally.

We believe that to drive value through influence, brand and influencer strategy must reflect the ever-evolving nature of global communities. Our network of creators and influencers are the pioneers of generational change, and reflect the most positive parts of the digital landscape. Our members don’t shy away from the change, they are the change.


We Build Partnerships With Creators At Scale.

Myra is the private members club for creators with a truly impacting reach. Our position as a global expert in influencer marketing means that our members have to meet the strictest criteria to be accepted onto the platform. Our members all have a minimum audience of 80,000 followers, and have their full social media profiles audited before being accepted.

focussed castings

Lasting Relationships For Influencers and Brands.

With over 10,000 macro influencers working throughout the UK, it can be easy to get lost when casting creators. By offering truly unique qualitative castings backed up by data, as well as experience, Myra has created a community of 200 trusted story-tellers, who we believe can match the brief for any proposed campaign.

Privacy Matters

The Privacy Of Our Members.

As a business, we sit well and truly within the luxury creator world, and as such, our campaign process requires our members to express a direct access in any campaigns they enter into before our partners can enter into any conversations. This allows partners the opportunity to work with high-value creators that they may not have thought possible to partner with.