Increase Representation With Our Powerful Software.

How Does The Myra Platform Work?

Sit down with our partnerships team and tell us about your campaign objectives.

Whether you’re trying to license some new content, build out a guest-list or drive app downloads, we’ll help you put a plan in place in order for you to reach your influencer marketing objectives. 

The Myra network is a small community of the most engaged and creative underrepresented influencers and talent across the United Kingdom. 

Through the platform, creators can explore your brands campaign brief and decide if it’s a suitable match for them.

Once a creator expresses an interest in working with you, you’ll have the opportunity to partner or decline. 

The chat feature on Myra gives both, creator and brand, the opportunity to introduce themselves and discuss any additional questions they might have about the campaign.

Once happy with any additional comments, your chosen creator will then work their magic and go and create the content that tells your brands story. 

You’ll then be able to approve or decline the content via the Myra app. 

Review your best performing content via our custom built analytics report.


Save Time and boost ROI.

The Myra platform allows us to send out your campaign brief to influencers in seconds, not hours. Take away the stress of searching for creators emails from your team, and allow them to focus their time on creating lasting relationships with creators.

Cost Saving Branded content.

We’ve taken the most time consuming and stressful parts out of the process to allow teams to focus on the fun parts of campaign production. It’s time to stop wasting resources on influencers who don’t match your brand and start focusing on those that do.

One-Bid Technology.

One-bid technology removes the timely and expensive element of negotiation out of campaign production. Creators are given one opportunity to pitch the fee that they believe they deserve on paid campaigns. This allows the influencer the opportunity to ask for a fair fee whilst still staying competitive on price as they know they are competing against other content creators.  


Find Confidence in Your Castings.

Seamlessly manage casting lists with the knowledge that Myra creators will provide a diverse and inclusive range of creators to work with on every campaign. With the ability to accept creators onto campaigns up until the last minute, Myra provides also provides a safety net for last minute dropouts.