Celebrate the power of three global cities without leaving London.


Jaguar Land Rover




Strategy + Insight
Creative Ideation
Influencer Identification
Campaign Management

The Challenge:

Jaguar Land Rover asked us to introduce their newest fragrance, Jaguar Classic, to UK-based influencers. A scent created for a man who experiences challenges as amazing opportunities. Forward-looking. Fiercely independent – Jaguar Land Rover wanted to showcase their latest fragrance and highlight the three major cities where you could expect to find the man who would wear Jaguar Classic.

Our Solution:

Myra leveraged our extensive global travel knowledge to present the client with three venues across the capital, which would exemplify the three target cities (Los Angeles, Berlin & New York City) that Jaguar Land Rover were trying to associate with. The venues appealed to the brand audience, whilst offering outstanding scenic and experiential opportunities for influencers.

Due to time constraints, Myra partnered with HAVN (Jaguar Land Rover’s chauffeur service) to provide transportation for the evening allowing influencers the opportunity to have three courses at three different venues in one evening.

Our end-to-end execution included the delivery of a customised menu of activities for each location and bespoke experiential dining opportunities in unique and exclusive settings. Each location was styled to highlight key branding moments, with bespoke branding and production sourced for each destination that represented the brand identity.

In addition to supporting the brand teams and providing logistics support, our onsite event managers offered support and guest management to create a magical experience that each influencer shared with their online followers.

In Numbers:

  • 15 venues scoped and proposed.
  • Travel management for 15+ influencers and crew.
  • Three unique private meals sourced and contracted.
  • Content creation: 71 pieces
  • Combined reach of 43 million

Please note: For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the details of which Myra members worked on this campaign.