A family of creators revolutionising representation for marginalised groups.


Inclusive & Diverse Content Creators


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Core Underrepresented Demographics



LGBTQ+ Creators.

Our community of LGBTQ+ creators are inspirations to millions! They champion self-belief and pride in who they are as individuals. Our creators are the driving force behind introducing and selling products within the LGBTQ+ community. 

BAME Creators.

You are not going to find a stronger driving force of culture than our BAME creators. We are dedicated to empowering BAME creators across all industries and ensuring that the brands we work with are representative of these values. 

Purple Creators.

With over 14 million people in the United Kingdom suffering from a disability, our creators are on a mission to remove stigmas and stereotype from both physical and mental disabilities. Our creators are passionate about the content they create, and are open to educating brands on how to meet any additional needs required. 

Body Positive Creators.

We love our creators who promote having a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. No one should be ashamed, or scared of how they look, and we share the belief that by seeing equal representation in advertising, we’ll end the stigma and focus around unrealistic body expectations.

Diverse Creators. Diverse Content.

From fashion to travel, we work with underrepresented creators across all sectors to give brands the opportunity to find their perfect storytellers. We work with our creators because of their creative and engaging content, not because they fit into a certain demographic.

If you are underrepresented influencer with over 25k followers, apply to join our community of creators.

We Empower authenticity. 

There is nothing worse for branded content than a creator who feels that they can’t be themselves. At Myra, we encourage our community to embrace their natural looks and personalities every single day. We are a family of creators who give a voice to communities that feel like they don’t have one. 

We are not agents.

Our core focus at Myra is to connect underrepresented creators with great brands, in order to achieve engaging and creative content. We welcome our communities representatives and agents to work on their clients behalf and engage with any campaigns they feel could be successful.