Chestertons Polo In The Park

A firm fixture in London’s social calendar.


Chestertons Polo In The Park


London, United Kingdom


Influencer Identification
On-Site Campaign Management

The Challenge:

A firm fixture in London’s social calendar, Chestertons Polo in the Park brings world-class polo to the Capital. The unique, fast-paced format makes one of the oldest equestrian sports easier for both newcomers to follow and dedicated polo fans to enjoy the excitement. Myra wanted to bring awareness to the weekend and highlight how accessible the sport is, so partnered with Chestertons Polo In The Park to bring Myra members to the event.

Our Solution:

Myra identified Ladies Day as the opportune day to get our members to create content on. Myra hosted two members who had previously expressed an interest in going to the event and created several ‘wow’ moments throughout the day allowing them the ability to create moments their audiences could live through.

By partnering with Chestertons Polo In The Park PR team, we were able to give our members a VIP experience which they genuinely enjoyed, appreciated and cherished.

Our members created content for a primarily fashion-focused audience, which had a great synergy and connection with Polo In The Park. Our members audience commented on how incredible our members outfits were, and as a result, enquired more about the event with audiences wanting to learn more about the sport of Polo in general, as well as asking how to buy tickets for the next Polo In The Park event.

In Numbers:

  • 2 Myra Members.
  • Content creation: 8 pieces
  • Combined reach of 660,000

Please note: For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the details of which Myra members worked on this campaign.