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our heritage.

Equal Representation is behind everything we do.

The world's first influencer marketing platform built for underrepresented creators.

Established in April 2022, Myra takes all the traditional conventions surrounding influencer marketing and throws them away. We’re a digital platform, which allows brands to pitch influencer campaigns to underrepresented influencers and creators in minutes rather than hours. 

Our Start.

As told by our founder Christopher Roach.

I believe that the main reason for a lack of representation and diversity in our industry is down to a fear of potentially offending or upsetting underrepresented creators.

As an industry, we have made incredible strides towards inclusivity and it’s something we should be proud of, but I think we can all admit that there is still someway to go.

We started Myra to serve a much greater purpose than just running influencer campaigns. We built it to connect key decision makers with the best talent from underrepresented demographics. 

Myra is the Raya of underrepresented influencer campaigns. We’ll make the introductions, and allow you to nurture and continue the relationship.

Not only does this allow us to charge significantly less for our services, but it also gives marketing teams the opportunity to develop an authentic understanding surrounding representation, diversity and inclusivity.

Our team are all driven by the deep belief that the industry will get to a point when casting underrepresented talent is seen as the norm.

"My vision is to empower and develop relationships between incredibly talented, underrepresented content creators and global brands. The power to develop and shape opinion through authentic and engaging concept is what drives Myra. We are the driving force for diversity in this industry and we hope that will continue for years to come."

The Mission.

At Myra, our mission is to create equal opportunities for underrepresented creators, influencers and talent. We ensure our partners are professionally guided and educated on industry approved standards when working with our creators. 

Stay Woke!

We’re incredibly proud of our core values and what we represent. We support Pride. We support BLM. And we support any matter which serves to serve our community of creators. 

Why We Exist?

76% of Gen Z feel diversity and inclusion are important topics for brands to address.

And Again.

Disabled people make up around 22% of the UK population, but are featured in just 0.06% of advertising.

And Again.

39% of UK agencies employ no people from underrepresented ethnic groups.