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Connecting brands with the voices that revolutionise representation.

We are the world’s only digital marketplace connecting underrepresented influencers, with the brands and agencies who believe that inclusivity and diversity doesn’t just last a month.


Through membership, our creators are offered access to exclusive campaign briefs, invitations to exclusive parties and trips, as well as complimentary meals and drinks at our favourite spots in return for sponsored or gifted coverage. Our members are representative of the diverse landscape of the British influencer and celebrity industry, allowing for great casting options for all campaigns.

Our work is grounded in technology and experience – The Myra platform allows creators the freedom to set their own fee, communicate freely and openly with brands, as well as have full autonomy over their campaign choices. By leveraging our unrivalled access into the world of lifestyle, travel and hospitality, we turn our members’ dream campaigns into reality.

For Creators

We’re here to help you create more of the campaigns that you love. Whether you’d like to create stories dining at your favourite restaurant, or snap the perfect feed post on your dream vacation, we’re here to connect you with the things that you enjoy the most.

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For businesses

Whether you need support getting VIP guests to your latest launch, planning an end-to-end experience or developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, our team is here to help.

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Our Work

Myra works across a selection of key verticals including live experience, lifestyle, travel and start-ups. We offer a holistic and creative approach in order to amplify every campaign.

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