How does Myra help to grow your business?

Running influencer marketing campaigns isn’t easy. Myra uses real-time data to automatically list all influencers and content creators who are interested in your campaign, as well as allowing creators to share the content that they create for your brand. In-app. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Plus, you’ve got the largest community of underrepresented creators in the United Kingdom looking at your campaign, so reaching new audiences will never be a problem.

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How Myra works

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Build your campaign

Speak to our campaign team and build your perfect brief in under an hour. Describe the campaign, set the deliverables and get ready to go live.

Cast your favourite content creators

Discover and approve creative proposals from the creators and influencers, who genuinely want to work with your community. 

Enjoy Campaign Day

With influencers briefed prior to all campaigns, sit back with the knowledge that your campaign is in safe hands with some of the best, and most professional creators in the country.

Measure your ROI

Review the content created, and measure the results with our first-party data tools.

Looking to attract new customers? We can help.

Tap into new communities

Myra creators are the key voices in their communities, as well as inspirations for millions. Discover the value of reaching new audiences with Myra.

Share your story

Every story needs a narrator and with over 250 content creators covering so many topics, you’ll be sure to find the perfect voice to tell your brands story.

Save on marketing costs

We’ve thrown out the traditional handbook, and created the most efficient process to save you thousands on your next influencer marketing campaign.

A Campaign Success team to make sure you have the best chance of getting great results.

  • Research and discovery for every campaign – Ask for advice on who to work with for the best results.
  • Planning, platform onboarding and any training your team may need.
  • Strategic development and campaign management.
  • Bi-monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress and results.

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Grow your business and build inclusive influencer marketing campaigns wtth Myra's community of creators.

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