Canvino x Taste Of London

The best of traditional Italian wine making with the convenience of modern day demands.


House Of Canvino


United Kingdom


Influencer Identification
On-Site Campaign Management

The Challenge:

The House Of Canvino asked Myra to provide a casting list of high-profile talent to host at Taste Of London as part of their summer programming. The naturally sparkling wine company had set up a branded airstream in the heart of Taste Of London and wanted to increase brand awareness around their selection of drinks before the major summer music festivals.

Our Solution:

We worked with a variety of creators who all produced highly creative and engaging content, which focused on our creators immersing themselves in the world of Canvino. Myra hosted one food influencer, as well as one fashion creator to gain the widest spread of coverage.

In Numbers:

  • 2 Myra Members.
  • Audience: 185k
  • Reach: 64k
  • Content creation: 5 Pieces
  • Cumulative Audience: 440k

Please note: For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the details of which Myra members worked on this campaign.