Lacoste wanted to showcase the launch and of their new UK flagship store, as well as the after party to their 65 million followers across social media. Lacoste wanted their audience to feel, and experience the launch from the comfort of their homes through TikTok, and Instagram Stories.


The main challenge that we faced as part of this campaign was to upload content in real time, whilst taking into consideration post-edits to make the content standout quality. With under 12 hours to film, produce and edit a TikTok, time was against the clock for us.

our approach

The Myra team wanted to make sure that this content reached further than just Lacoste fans, we wanted to reach the entirety of London, and celebrate fashion and youth culture to its fullest. Our approach to this was simple – Make every piece of content created transported the viewer from their phone into the launch party.


What started as a one-off campaign for Lacoste has blossomed into an exciting social media partnership with Myra, thanks to our continued over-delivery against set targets and the opportunities to innovate that we have been able to identify. By focusing on strategy and logistics, as well as using aesthetically proven editing techniques, we were able to present Lacoste with new audience reach and new sales opportunities.

Myra worked closely with the Lacoste team to secure an editing space backstage, which allowed our film, and editing teams to work in tandem throughout the evening. All content created by our team was sent on for approval the same evening meaning that all content uploaded during the evening remained on brand.